Berta Roth

« Words are a union of sounds. If you allow them to penetrate you physically, without interpretation, they will choose their internal paths. You may realize that your body is ready to receive them. You may realize that sounds will find their own circuit among muscles, joints and everything that links them. You may discover the different shapes and meanings that a word can take on. Each process is unique, every one of us has the capacity to let words penetrate our being and every one of us has the power to become a creator of Shapes that contain meaning. » 

Berta Roth


Publication of « On est son corps ! We are our body ! », December 2018
Available in the bookshop Le Coupe Papier, 19 rue de l’Odéon, 75006 Paris

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Publication of “La forme de l´inconscient – Entre l´écoute et le regard”
Edition L´Harmattan, Paris, Mars 2015

Berta Roth - La forme de l´inconscient


Presentation by the author






Publication of “Je ne suis pas d´ici”
Edition La Tête à l´Envers, Paris, November 2013

Berta Roth - Je ne suis pas d´ici


Lire l´article de Michel Plon, “Des ailleurs sans retour”, dans la Nouvelle Quinzaine Littéraire, Nº1100